A shot of Moroccan espresso

Its aroma alone could drive off evil spirits (or the spirits from last night’s bottles, for that matter). The steam seduces the lips to come closer. The deep, dark mysteries of its origins find the tongue, and tease it. The textures from faraway fields and misty mountains are rebirthed, as their suns dance in the mouth.

It is not bitter, as many claim it to be, for bitter only begins to describe it. rather, its body is an entire collection of tastes – the fullness of the earth’s flavors. In a single cup of espresso  is the fruition of God’s work and humanity’s ingenuity – farmers and factories coming together.

It is a miracle, how something so dark can usher in the brilliant brightness of a new day.

Happy new year, from Hotfishballs!

I realize that this blog is actually one of the highlights of 2011. Whatever it was intended for, or whatever it’s turning out to be, I hope it’s at least making some people smile, or at least stirring some brains. I know it’s stirred my brain, and made me smile quite often.

I hope this year, we get to experiment more with different topics, different ways of using this blog (I’m still trying to figure wordpress out…), and hopefully, different audiences to interact with!

Let’s start it off with a shot of espresso for everyone!


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