What’s Black, and White, and Spells?

The Panda Poet. That’s what.
PANDA POET is a game you can either access from the Google Chrome App Store, or at game.pandapoet.com, or on Kindle. In any case, it’s a delight of a download – a surprise, actually. And before you think someone paid me to review this, let me say right off the bat: no. It was just fun playing it, and I just wanted to share it with y’all.

you can access it from the Google App Store!

It’s Scrabble meets Boggle meets Reversi. The gameplay is ALMOST intuitive. I say ALMOST because while there is a tutorial and you can get the hang of it in one and a half games, there are some rules on points (and Panda points) that might not be easily graspable. Not to worry, though. The Point System comes tertiary to the mind-tease and the panda cuteness.
At first, you think it’s a traditional word search game. But here, the letters have corresponding points, some with triple word or double word value. Then, certain combinations of words will give you….(drum roll…) a panda. The Pandas give you extra points at the end (think about the Strikes in Bowling). But here’s more – you can steal your opponent’s panda!
You take turns with other people (both people you know and those you have yet to meet), and wait for them to finish their turns (much like other Facebook Games, or the phenom Draw Something). There’s also an option wherein you can take turns on just one computer – so you can play it with a friend who’s with you, too.

spelling and stealing: all in a day's work for the ol' black n' white

The animation of the pandas and the ensuing panda-stealing are endearing, but not overdone in saccharine. It’s charming and interesting enough to let you just look at it between turns.
A Chat Window also allows you to converse with opponents. I wonder, though if people actually trash talk.
The Music is cute and interesting, too, but too much will have it ringing annoyingly in your ears.
So Word Game fans – (scrabble-sensations, boggle gurus), Panda fans, and Free App fans – you can’t go wrong. You can start playing it during this long weekend (Prayers first. Pandas later.).

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