New Pinoy Desserts (or Midsummer Night’s Experimental Children)

Here’s a shout-out to all the Filipino (or Filipino Fusion, Modernized Filipino, etc.) restos:Mesa, Pia y Damaso, Felix, Lorenzo’s Way, Abe, etc. How about having these babies on your menu (with my name, of course!)  ?

Here’s a Filipinized take on ice cream sandwiches (DQ and Sebastian’s being inspirations), with the “filling” and “bread” also seen (and tasted) differently because of the new pairings.

Note: These test-shots were, like the desserts, experimental. The ice cream is not in optimum condition. Plus, I couldn’t redo shots and make another set of desserts just to shoot them. I had to eat everything – good takes and bad.

First off,


Mestiza looks a bit like an eclair here, I guess. But don't tell her I said that.

It’s Broas (Lady Fingers) embracing Pastillas Ice Cream. The sweetness of the Pastillas blends well with the neutrality and tenderness of the Broas.

Next, is

Nardong Tsokoleyt

(because Nardong Putik might not be too appetizing)

He rolls, he tumbles, he defies gravity, and he is Tsokolate Ice Cream in between two layers of Otap.

The multi-textured Nardo

An interesting study in texture, as the flaky, multi-ringed Otap breaks as you get into the soft, cool tsokolate ice cream. The tsokolate, itself a study in bittersweetness, also contrasts with the almost-neutral Otap.

Alas, the heat yielded something productive.


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