Say your “pasintabi po” and your “bato bato sa langit.” It’s that wonderful time of the year: coaches come from couches, friendships are tested, inuman sessions become bloody (second only to My Way videoke sessions), NBA 2k12 playtimes become occasions for revenge, prophecies and predictions are made on Facebook, and statisticians are anybody who can count.


To our readers who will be looking for the running posts, don’t worry. This is temporary madness. To the rest – don’t worry, I’m a good sport. Two years ago, I got it right about LA. Hey, I was magnanimous in triumph. A year ago, I was so wrong about my predictions (damn mavericks), but I was humble (ehem) in my defeat.


It’s that wonderful time of the year. It’s win or go home. It’s when sports fans exercise democracy to the fullest. It’s when people thousands of miles away from the game venue get so affected by each shot, foul, panting and scream of triumph. It’s the NBA Playoffs.




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