COUCH COACHING FINALE: OKC POST-MORTEM (or the rantings of a sore loser)

I really thought Oklahoma could win it all this year.

I thought OKC could do it because they had the tools necessary to breakMiamidown.

Miami’s weaknesses, at least according to this couch scout-cum coach, are the Point Guard Spot, The Size, and the Bench.

Well, the point guard pretty much negated his advantage my making decisions more awful than Rebecca Black’s Friday. The Bigs were slow-dancing in their rotation, and were hapless against the Wade-James Fastbreak Freight Train of Death. The bench was also outplayed and outhustled by Mike Miller and Shane Battier. (Notice how I mentioned them before I did Bosh)

Of course, one likes cheering for Kevin Durant. The guy seems like an honest-to-goodness nice guy, and he trusts Westbrook even though deep in his basketball-bouncing heart (where a heartbeat should be thumping), he and not Russell should be getting those shots.

Bringing down the Mighty Spurs was no small feat, either. Down 2-0, the Thunder dug deep and ran the Spurs out of the Alamo. I thought the Spurs were the only team that could beat the Thunder. So with the Spurs out of the way, I thought OKC could charge through.

I also had good imaginary money on a Chicago-Oklahoma Finals. If that really happened, I couldn’t have cared who won. It was just going to be some great, amazing, intergalactic basketball. With Chicago gone and with Lebron to cheer against, that left me with only one choice.

For the Thunder, next year looks awfully bright. In the few years prior to reaching the finals, they had to lose to the eventual champions, and get beaten at the spot they were going to surpass the year after. So if their pattern holds and the planets are aligned, they should win it all next year. Get an honest-to-goodness point guard so Westbrook can be the Jericho Weapon he can be, or send the man to a retreat or seminar on generosity.

For Miami– Of course you won. Wasn’t one championship the bare minimum? And mind you, it came a year LATE. Will it happen again next year? I don’t think so. Is Bosh hungry enough? Can the cheaply-paid bench continue to thrive? Is the chip on Lebron’s shoulder big enough for another run at it? Will Rose be healthy enough to stop them?

Don’t forget,Miami, and your white horde – Rose was out. I know you deserve the championship, parade in Florida, Lebron now looks nice with a nice ring on his finger, He’s now matured into a yada-yada-whatever… et cetera et cetera, but you know what – you did it all with Rose watching from his house.

Which nicely sets up next year’s storyline. And the last time Miami won it all, they came back the year after for one of the worst seasons in franchise history.


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