Everything I needed to know about life, I learned from Candy Crush.


  1. You need friends to give you life.
  2. Power-ups are there to help you. Don’t be too proud and say you don’t need them.
  3. Conversely, you also have to believe that you can make it even without the fansy-shmansy power-ups.
  4. Don’t use hints just because they’re shiny and persistent. Sometimes, they’re helpful. Sometimes, they distract you from possible solutions that can help you accomplish the level better.
  5. Life will never fit neatly into squares and grids and perfect sequences of threes. You can only do your best.
  6. Never underestimate your addictive nature. You can and will fall into a deep spiral of unexplained occasional addiction.
  7. Jewels are nice and all, but candies are sweet. And in the end, more… what’s that advertising word… relate-able.
  8. A friend in need of power-ups is a friend indeed.
  9. A really deep, if-taken-out-of-context-scary voice that says “SUGAR CRUSH!” can be one of the most heavenly things to hear. The said voice saying “DIVINE!” is another topic altogether.
  10. Don’t forget the objective. Sometimes it’s to eradicate the jelly. Sometimes it’s to get ingredients. Sometimes, to just score. It’s just that cute stuff can be distracting. Oh look… Bonbons!
  11. If you have to tell your friends that you need tickets for the next episode, re-evaluate your friendship.
  12. If all else fails, return to tetris battle and word rack. Or to work for that matter.
  13. If you fail, try again. Or wait for a friend to help you out. Or drop the game and come back later when you’ve got more lives and a fresher perspective.
  14. Life has limited moves. Don’t use them up without even thinking.
  15. Don’t forget to say thank you to those who give you gifts.