On a scale of 1 to Yeng Guiao, how angry are you?

My hunch is that the cameras aren’t ready just for the game and the acrobatic plays, but for the antics and drama on the sidelines. These are usually supplied by the coaches. The people who are quick to give credit to their boys when they win, but they man up to own the losses. It’s a thankless job. In a country where every citizen thinks he’s a coach, the pressure is immense. But every now and then, we get to see their human side. 


They add colour to the game. And because we play this game with a lot more passion than we probably ought, it’s no wonder that these guys wear their team’s hearts on their sleeves. 


So here’s an anger scale. Next time something pisses you off, think. Just how how angry are you? What should you do about it? It’s not a personality test, mind you. The answer can definitely change depending on the situation. 


If it’s not yet clear, I don’t mean any harm or disrespect. 🙂 


Well, in any case, if you’re angry, and you feel that one of the descriptions match your current state — check out what to do, or what kind of friends you should have around you. 


Juno Sauler 


Angry? What’s that? 



Ryan Gregorio / Gee Abanilla  


You think you’re angry, but you still look like a nice guy.

“Hey come on. Call a technical on me, ref.”

 REF: “Galit na kayo coach? Ang cute niyo palang magalit.”


Norman Black

You’re growling, you’re seething, you’re scowling

sometimes you’re shouting 

but once you talk it through with the people you’re working with, your voice is cold as steel. 

You’ll be fine. 



Chot Reyes 


You’re probably doing something crazy on the bench.

You’ll have a verbose endgame chat with the reporters. 


At least you’re the best dressed man who’s doing all of that.  


Pido Jarencio 


You’re probably doing something crazy on the bench, and you want the camera to see it. 

From the Jaworski school of “kawawa naman kami!” 

Like motioning the “kill” gesture with your hand going across your neck.


Just go back to your “puso” figures of speech, and make sure you calm down that “puso” kasi baka high blood na yan. 


Tim Cone 

 You’ll still be waving your hands in the air three to four plays after. Or even after a timeout. Even when the referee himself has forgotten what you’re complaining about. 

And you’ll be bright pink in the face, too. Mestiso, eh. 

Get a good assistant like Dickie Bachman or Joel Banal who are bigger than you to calm you down. Or a cool customer like The Jet. 


 Yeng Guiao 


Let’s just say you might have been the cause of the PBA’s MTRCB rating of PG.


From daring the referee to throw you out to getting suspended from crucial games for using the wrong finger to point – name it, you can do it once you’re angry. 


Just make sure your team has good players willing to fight for you. (Beau Belga: “We did this for you coach!”) A management that understands. And a hundred thousand pesos every time this happens. 


I keep thinking, though, that somewhere, Gregg Poppovich might just be laughing at all this. 




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