Hey, it’s been a while.

I think I broke a big rule in maintaining a blog: always feed content.


Yeah, yeah…


But I’ve been busy! Really, I have…


There have been projects that I’ve been engaged in, I’ve been resting (which we need! Promise!) —- but here I am! Re-committing to this practice!

So, I promise some new material coming out, and also, here are some inspirations I’ve been discovering today, courtesy of this great site I discovered because of a friend.


It’s brainpickings.org.

This first one leads you to books that you might want to consider reading if you are a writer – at any stage of your career. Actually, if you’ve been writing for a while now, you will surely have some of these on your shelf, bedside table, or writing area.



These next two are really more to the creative’s heart, and explores the spirit of creativity. Fear, vulnerability — what role do they play?


This link was actually what started this whole inspiration exploration:



Aaaand, finally, if you’re learning. If you’re a student in school, or if you honestly believe that we never stop learning ever, then take heart and enjoy.



So have fun going through brainpickings. I do promise I’ll be here more often now. I realize that I’m making that promise to myself.






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