About Fishballs

Every afternoon, it is almost-tradition (or vice) in our office to go out and get our dose of Manila’s finest: fishballs on a stick.

Mind you, the street version looks nowhere near as delectable (or as healthy for that matter) as their plump Chinese resto counterparts. Yet, once you dip them into the hot, sweet, or hot and sweet sauce, and bite into the little things, there is no word that comes near satisfaction at 50 centavos per pop these days.

The fishballs are fantastic mirrors of our culture. True, the balut, the taho, the ice scramble and kwe kwe might be apt, too. But to be honest, some of them are quite overused, and I wanted to capture the notion of being able to fit culture into a stick. A quickie at 4pm in the afternoon, bite-sized commentaries, and what-nots that can be washed down with iced sago-gulaman (for only 7 pesos) right after.

This is also great practice for me.  Any craft, sport, relationship (or goldfish, if you want), has to be tended. So here I will be, cooking these balls for everyone in this jolly jeep of mine online.

What will we talk about? Almost anything, I guess. Culture is such a wide-open word with billions of connotations and denotations strung on its neck. Well, let it be that wide-open first, at least at the start. Sports, Food, Movies, anything is fair game. And if you find your afternoon (or morning, or evening) bites of fishballs on this site delightful, then at least my practice served more people than just myself.


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