What the Thunder must remember

Coach Popovich told his team: “I want some nasty.” And it was embodied by Stephen Jackson.


They played physical and tough for the fourth quarter, chased the track stars from Oklahoma, and pummeled them when they could. It was like The Hulk shutting up The Flash ( I know I crossed universes there, ok?). And it was the right thing to do, too. The scoreboard showed it at the end. In Pinoy basketball parlance, “minama nila.”


But what OKC must remember is that they CAN play tough. They played aggressive and physical against Dallas. And all season long, they were always on the brink of a brawl against the Lakers. They just have to remember, that as has been the case all season long, the powers-that-be are not just going to roll over and give them the keys to a new era. They have to remember, as they have throughout the season, that they must fight for it. Harden knows what I’m talking about.